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A critical part of the sales success at any resort or hotel is the quality and experience of the sales staff. Building a team that fits your project needs is even more important in the new digital age. They must understand the capabilities available to a modern sales team. We have extensive experience in hiring, training and managing sales teams globally. We have a network of seasoned sales and management talent from which to choose with backgrounds in the resort real estate and hotel industry. We also have an international network of sales talent we can utilize through our contacts with elite brokers in more than 26 of the wealth centers in the Americas, UK, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Our team has worked with clients in all stages of the development cycle. For presales developments, we put in place all the processes needed for a successful launch. Possibly of more importance in today’s challenging market, is our ability to take on a struggling development. We review all of your systems from brand story to the sales center functionality and then provide the our clients with a plan for re-energizing their sales effort.